Laura Brehm

Hey Laura, first of all I realy enyoing your music, especially "We won't be alone" =D To get to the point fast, I listen quite alot to the acoustic version of the song recently and I realy wanna play this version on my piano by myself, but I cannot find any sheets or tutorials for it, that comes close to the actual piano playing. As a musician by myself I can totaly understand if you refuse this request, but is there a posibilty that i can grap my hands on the real piano sheets of the acoustic version of "We won't be alone" ?
Anyways, greetings from germany and keep up the good work! =)
- Andy

Laura Brehm responded on 11/05/2019

Hi Andy! I'm so glad you like this acoustic version. :) It means a lot!
I would seriously consider creating sheet music for my EDM goes Acoustic series at the moment, however I just don't have the time currently to do it. I would love to create these though, as soon as I can. I'll be sure to let my mailing list know when I do. :) Thank you.

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