Laura Brehm

Hello laura. Im from england, blackpool and i wanted to know if you will perform in the uk and some point. You have been my favorite artist from when i was 13 and now im 19 and your music has inspired my drawing my down days and much more. I cannot tell you how much i appreciate your music. Thank you for being a unique special creative artist. Your music takes me to another universe. And many *hugs* i hope you get to perform over here.

Laura Brehm responded on 09/06/2019

Hi! I love England, I lived in London for 1 year! I will definitely do a UK tour at some point, and my mailing list (including you) will be the first to know the dates/venues! I'm so glad that my music has made an impact for you. Thanks for sharing your kind words and for the support. :)

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