Laura Brehm

Have you been in the netherlands? And will you ever have a preformance here? Is there any chanse that i could pay for a pivate preformance on like, a birthday or Party? Cause i'd so love to see you live at least once in my live. i'ts really on my bucketlist haha :D I wish for you to Have a great day when reading this and i wish you the best of luck in your carreer! You really Deserve the best! and / Cheers! Jim Drenth :*

Laura Brehm responded on 09/06/2019

I have been to The Netherlands a couple of times! I would love to perform there again; I did perform with Feint at Liquicity there during the summer of 2016! I'll be sure to let my mailing list (including you) know of any upcoming tour dates! Thank you so much. :)

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