Laura Brehm

Hi Laura! Thanks for responding my last message! (I'm Martín). I just realized that what I really want to ask you is about the lyrics of "Waking Dreams". Did you write them? And if so, what did inspire you that time?. I'd like to know this to remeber each time I hear this song, and to know a little more about it. I just love it. Thanks a lot Laura!
Kind regards, Martín.

Laura Brehm responded on 08/03/2019

Hi Martin! Yes, I did write the lyrics of "Waking Dreams". What inspired me is thinking back to when I was a child and how I already had a love for music and a passion to follow it as a lifelong endeavor/career at a very young age. I was also inspired by how music has literally shaped my life and created the path of my personal destiny. Thank you for supporting my music!

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