Laura Brehm

Hi Laura! My name is Martín, i'm from Argentina, and i'm a big fan of you since 2014. I just needed one of your songs to become your fan, and that was "Waking Dreams". What that song made feel in those days of 2014 is undescribable.
For a question, i'd like to ask you, to know you better, about what do you do in your free time. I know, for example, that you are a tennis player (me too!).
Also, I'd love to travel to the US to go to one of your shows, that's one of my dreams! Surely one day.
Best regards! Martín.

Laura Brehm responded on 06/09/2019

Hi Martin! Thanks so much for supporting my music, I'm glad that it resonates with you! In my free time I like to be active outdoors, read, hang out with family and friends, do yoga, meditate, watch movies, and travel!

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