Laura Brehm

Hey! I love your voice your music!
I'm listening to your music from Colombia!
Thank you for the good music!

But I've got a question...
You made a song 'Cosmic gravity' it is quite old but I really love it, it is my favourite one it think, I really love the style, the lyrics, everything!
But have you ever thought about continue doing that style of music, I mean like Cosmic Gravity or Don't wait, Words?

I love all your songs but specially those ones were the best from you, at least for me, because of the style, the lyrics the feelings....
I'd to listen to that style again.
Anyway love you.
Please answer my questions and thank you for your music and time.
Greetings from Colombia your Fan Andrés :)

Laura Brehm responded on 04/07/2019

Hello! Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you like those tracks! It seems like you prefer my solo music; and I'm happy to tell you that I am now focusing more on my solo work. I am now spending the next few months finishing up a brand new solo album. :)

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