Laura Brehm

Hi Laura! Oh man, I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. I'm even just so nervous typing this out haha gosh, we I'm just a huge huge fan, ever since I heard you on a Monstercat "Best of 2012" Album with your song Dreams with Rogue. And I've loved practically every song after that. Goodness, I even got my little sister to be a big fan aha so, I was wondering if you'd ever stop by in Cali, maybe have a show in San Jose? I would absolutely go to that, I wouldn't want to miss that, I'd love to meet you too! Gosh you have such quality work including everyone you make songs with, and I'm always anticipating when you're doing another. I love you a ton! And thank you so much for such amazing, unforgettable years of songs I hold close to my heart! ❤❤

Laura Brehm responded on 02/02/2019

Hi Jonathan! Thank you! I'm so glad that my music resonates with you, and it's cool to hear that you've been listening since "Dreams" with Rogue! I have no plans to tour yet, but when I do, I'm sure I'll be stopping in Cali and that there will be a show near San Jose! Thanks for your support.

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