Laura Brehm

Hello Laura,
do you have a plan to produce your solo album anytime soon? I've seen you do a lot of collaborations since the last solo album released.I am looking forward to hear your new solo album purrrhaps! No offence to the old albums.I still love them and my ears never got tired listening to them (for years)! Thank you for bringing my EDM-gasm to the next level. You're very talented and amazing.Also,your voice is my all time favourite sound! Keep up the great work

Laura Brehm responded on 01/30/2018

Hi Feryl,
Yes, I have several solo albums planned. Unfortunately they will take quite some time to produce, because I'm learning to self-produce and they have to be made in-between the heavy collaborative work that I do. However at some point soon I hope to shift my focus more to my solo work and that will speed things up a little. I'm so glad that you enjoy the older albums. Thanks for all the support - means a lot!

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