Laura Brehm

Hi laura ! great to know that there is a way to ask questions to you, lol. Sorry for that, well my question is, in the producer spotlight video by Raw Frequency, you said that you took a break from song making and stuff, so did you stop or anything? And can you do more vocals like The calling of thefatrat, such vocals are really amazing, my sister likes it alot so do i, i really appreciate and love your work. Thank you for all your songs.

Laura Brehm responded on 07/10/2017

Hi! That interview was back in 2013. But I never really stopped making songs.

"The Calling" is one of my favorites and I would love to do more songs like that. I am definitely going to collab with TheFatRat again. I'm glad you and your sister like it!! Thanks for your support.

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