Laura Brehm

Just that you know: I heard you from Monody where your vocals were so good and impressive, you're just amazing
1. What equipment do you use for your masterpieces?
2. Would you make a Germany Tour if you could?
Now, these were my questions
Sorry for bad English, it isn't my mother language
Thanks in advance for response and I hope the best for you
Regards, Alex, Dat WT Gamer

Laura Brehm responded on 03/20/2017

Thank you! To answer your questions:
1. To record/produce vocals, I use an AKG 214 microphone, an Apogee Quartet, MacBook Pro, Logic Pro X, and Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones.
2. I would love to tour in Germany! As long as your following my updates on Facebook and Twitter, you will hear about live performance dates.

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