Laura Brehm

Hi Laura! I've recently been thinking about making fanart but I've been stumped about what I should do, considering I'm an animal artist and not so much of anything else. What are some of your favorite things I guess, like, hobbies, pets, color, stuff like that. Also, when I get around to finishing this, is there any way to send you fanart, just curious c: I do traditional art and I rather have the person I make something for keep the art instead of it just sitting in my art bin with stuff I don't know what to do with.... which happens more often than not, unfortunately.
Well, once it gets completed I'll let you know on Instagram since I follow you there :D
You're amazing, and thank you for blessing this world with your channel. ♡

-From RainWingThing

Laura Brehm responded on 03/20/2017

Hello! That's great. :) My favorite things include: anything to do with music, pictures/artwork of the sky and birds, spiritual topics, dreams, and anything ethereal. Hope that helps!
If you tag me on Instagram I'll see it. You can also send it to me via email:
Thank you!

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