Laura Brehm

Hi laura! First of all I'm a big fan of yours and you literally have an amazing voice! I've listen to other dubstep songs and they're not as good as the ones you are featured in! I was wondering if I could either get a Fan sign (my name on a piece of paper when you take a selfie) or a signed shirt? As I ordered one of them 2 days ago! It would me so much to me if you could!!

Laura Brehm responded on 10/10/2016

Hi! Thanks, I'm glad you like my music!

At the moment, I am not doing signed merch, but that is something I will absolutely do in the future (either at one of my live shows or as a special order online). Currently, my merch is processed and shipped in a different state from where I live in, so I am unable to physically be there to sign the items before they are shipped out.

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