Laura Brehm

Hey Laura, i was wondering what you do when you lost hope on something ?
Is distraction good for avoiding that kind of thing ?
I was wondering how you do keep it up with that kind of stuff because ain't easy ?
Your voice is priceless, Thank you for your singing you make my day more brighter,good and more amazing !
Can i except more collaborations with more artist in near future ?
Can you listen to this song please - XIO feat. Zoe VanWest Feel The Happiness and tell me your thoughts i will be grateful :)

Laura Brehm responded on 06/21/2016

I would say you have to ask yourself why you have lost hope. Is it something that is in your control or out of your control? I don't think avoiding/distraction helps because it's still sitting there in your subconscious. Face things directly, find the truth, and accept it. :)

And yes, there are many more collaborations in the works!
Thanks :)

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