Laura Brehm

I just wanna let you know that your music is stunningly beautiful. It really helps me to relax after a stressful day or when i just want to feel good. Also it's great that you distribute your music via bandcamp, which is just a great marketing concept in my eyes ("pay little, or pay a bit more if you like it") I hope to hear a lot from you in the future, maybe you will also sell some CDs one day? For now, stay as you are and keep up with the good work :-)
Best wishes from Germany!

Laura Brehm responded on 03/01/2016

Hey! I'm so glad. :)

And yes, I have those albums up for name your price (no minimum) since they were released so long ago. :) However, yeah I'm definitely working on new solo stuff that I will release for sale. !

Thanks for your kind words.

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