Laura Brehm
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Hey Laura, I've always wondered, if you had to pick one song that you've done vocals for/produced, which are you most proud of? Love your stuff btw :)

Laura Brehm responded on 08/08/2016

Hi Nikos! It's difficult for me to answer that because I've done so many songs, and I like each one for different reasons! If I had to choose though, I would say "Pressure" with Draper because the message of the song resonates with me so much and helps me to stay motivated in making music my career. I'm proud of it because I have received feedback from several people that it motivates them to keep going as well. :)


How did you become so awesome?! : )
An easy personal all-time favorite Vocalist, Songwriter, & Musician across all genres.
I enjoy and connect most with Laura's inspirational lyrics and killer collaborations.
Thank you so much Laura!
Do you have any more live acoustic versions in the works?

Laura Brehm responded on 08/08/2016

Thank you so much! That means a lot. :)

I have 2 EDM goes acoustic videos coming very soon.. just in post-production right now. And more to come in the near future! I'll be doing the series on my YouTube channel.


When will you do a show in El Paso, Texas?

Laura Brehm responded on 06/30/2016

I'm not sure, but if and when I do, I will certainly be posting it under the events tab on my facebook page. I'm currently working on my live set! :)


Hey Laura, i was wondering what you do when you lost hope on something ?
Is distraction good for avoiding that kind of thing ?
I was wondering how you do keep it up with that kind of stuff because ain't easy ?
Your voice is priceless, Thank you for your singing you make my day more brighter,good and more amazing !
Can i except more collaborations with more artist in near future ?
Can you listen to this song please - XIO feat. Zoe VanWest Feel The Happiness and tell me your thoughts i will be grateful :)

Laura Brehm responded on 06/21/2016

I would say you have to ask yourself why you have lost hope. Is it something that is in your control or out of your control? I don't think avoiding/distraction helps because it's still sitting there in your subconscious. Face things directly, find the truth, and accept it. :)

And yes, there are many more collaborations in the works!
Thanks :)


Hello Laura, just wanna say you are amazing. Any chance we see any more collaborations with you in the future (be it on Monstercat or otherwise)?

Thanks! :)

Laura Brehm responded on 04/05/2016

Hey, thank you! Yes, I do have a new song on Monstercat coming up with Mr FijiWiji as well as many others! I'm also working with REZZ, Kross (on Mixmash), and many more that are in beginning stages.



Hey Laura,

what type of music do you enjoy the most? (I mean creating)
Btw - you're an angel and your voice beats everyone elses :D

Laura Brehm responded on 03/15/2016

Hi Tom,

One of the reasons why I collaborate with so many different producers and artists is because I really enjoy creating within many different genres of music. However, if I had to pick an all time favorite, I would say folk/electronica.

Thank you for your kind words. :)


Would you come to the music festival in Trondheim called Feminalen?
(music festival for female artists. It would be awesome if they would have you

Laura Brehm responded on 03/15/2016

Hi! I have never heard of that festival, but it sounds cool! I will look into it.

Thanks. :)


Hi Laura ! First of all thanks a lot for sharing with us your amazing work and talent, your voice is pure gold during a full day of coding ...
I wanted to know if you'd ever thought of making music or vocals for movies (an epic one for sure) :)
Greetings from France ! Have a nice day :D

Laura Brehm responded on 03/07/2016

Hi Brad! Aw, thank you for listening!

I have definitely thought about making music for movies; it's something I plan on doing in the future for sure! It would be a really fun and different endeavor than I'm used to.

Have a nice day as well. :)